Map Checking/Review Expertise

One of Johnson-Frank’s core competencies is subdivision map review and map checking.  The firm began in 1975 for the sole purpose of providing timely map checking services to the City of Irvine.  Over the years our services to the City, as well as to other clients, have grown.  But to this day, Johnson-Frank focuses an entire department on Map Checking, which generates nearly 20% of our annual gross revenues.

Timely and Accurate Review Upon Which Numerous Cities and Counties Rely

Johnson-Frank currently serves the map checking needs seven cities and one county.  These Cities and Counties are listed below with reference contact information:

  • City of Irvine / Mark Carroll (949) 724-6410
  • City of Fullerton / Yelena Voronel (714) 738-6852
  • City of Mission Viejo / Rich Schlesinger (949) 470-3079
  • City of Laguna Niguel / Nick Renn  (949) 362-4325
  • Cities of Cudahy and Bell / Carlos Alvarado (626) 960-1889
  • City if Irwindale / Kwok Tam (626) 430-2200
  • County of Orange / Ray Mathe (714) 834-3747

Relying on Johnson-Frank for map review is a sure thing.  We have the full time, dedicated and trained staff to fulfill any local agencies needs and have been doing so for the City of Irvine for the past 36 years.