About Johnson-Frank

Johnson-Frank & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1975 by Roger Frank and Bobby Johnson and was incorporated in January 1977. As a full-service land surveying firm, the staff at Johnson-Frank includes registered and degreed land surveyors as well as highly experienced support staff. Our firm’s equipment represents the latest in surveying technology. Based in Anaheim, California, Johnson-Frank has provided services throughout the United States.

Johnson-Frank & Associates, Inc. is well versed in serving both county and federal agencies. Our Firm has served as the on-call surveyor for the U.S. Navy’s Southwest Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command for ten (10) of the last twenty (20) years. Johnson-Frank & Associates began a relationship with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, in 1980 and has been on an on-call basis for the last fifteen (15) years. The founders of Johnson-Frank emerged from the ranks of the Orange County Surveyor’s Office and have worked closely with that agency on an as-needed basis since 1975.

Johnson-Frank provides a wide range of surveying services to an equally diverse portfolio of private and public sector clients. These services include the review of subdivision maps, tract maps and Records of Surveys for numerous local public agencies such as the cities of Irvine, Mission Viejo, Fullerton, Laguna Niguel, Irwindale, San Marino, Bell and the County of Orange. Johnson-Frank serves as the City Surveyor for the cities of Irvine, Irwindale, San Marino and Mission Viejo.

Johnson-Frank & Associates has received numerous awards and letters of appreciation from its’ clients over the years. We received an “Outstanding Performance” evaluation rating from the Los Angeles District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1994 for its’ boundary survey of Vandenberg Airforce Base. An “excellent” performance rating was received from the Southwest Division U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command in 1998 for surveying and mapping services at the Naval Training Center in San Diego. Additionally, Johnson-Frank has numerous letters of appreciation for outstanding performance from clients including; Robert Bein, William Frost and Associates (RBF), the San Diego County Surveyor’s Office, the City of El Monte, the Bureau of Land Management and The Irvine Company. Johnson-Frank has also received recognition for continued support of the surveying programs at state universities.

From relatively small staking projects to large scale governmental horizontal and vertical control surveys, our Firms’ surveying and mapping capabilities are second to none. Global Positioning System receivers are utilized, as well as conventional total stations and first order leveling equipment. Because Johnson-Frank routinely integrates implementation of varied skills with the latest technology, results are optimized and more importantly, clients’ goals are affordably and precisely met. Johnson-Frank is a company with a long history of proven stability and high ethical standards. We strive to continue our 26 year tradition of providing client satisfaction and exceeding industry standards.