Survey Equipment and Software

Our equipment inventory is such that we can fully equip six (6) to eight (8) survey crews at all times. The equipment owned and utilized by Johnson-Frank & Associates, Inc. is the latest "state of the art" equipment. The combination of having highly qualified personnel using the best equipment available results in our being able to provide our clients with efficient, economical, and quality services. Some of the major items of our equipment include:

Field Systems

  • Motorola Handie Talkie Radios (10+ mile range) (for all field and supervisory personnel)
  • All field chiefs, project managers, and support personnel equipped with cellular phones
  • All our survey vehicles are 4-wheel drive
  • All field crews equipped with laptop computers


  • Twenty four (24) Trimble Dual Frequency Global Navigation Satellite System Receivers with RTK (Real Time Kinematic), OTF (On The Fly) Data Collection, and Airborne GPS capability. (4 full RTK systems, all of which are Real Time Network (RTN) Capable)
  • Delorme laptop based vehicular navigation systems

Total Stations & Theodolites

  • Trimble 5600 & S8 Servo Driven, Robotic, and Reflectorless Total Stations
  • Wild T-3 Theodolites of 0.2 second accuracy (High order astronomic azimuth determination)

Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanning

  • Riegl LMS Z420i 3D Laser Scanning System
  • Riegl RiSan Pro Scanning and Processing Software
  • Polyworks Scan Cloud Processing Software
  • Leica Cyclone and CloudWorx Software


  • Leica DNA03 First Order Digital Bar Code Reading Level w/ Matched Calibrated Invar Rods
  • Leica NA3003 First Order Digital Bar Code Reading Level w/ Matched Invar Rods
  • JENA NI002 First Order Precise Levels w/ Matched Invar Rods
  • Zeiss Ni 1 First Order Precise Level w/ Matched Invar Rods
  • Zeiss Self-Leveling Levels

Office Systems

  • Desktop and Laptop Computer Systems, Windows 7 server and peer to peer networking, 24/7 Bonded T1 internet connection with unlimited email file size capability
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D, Star*Net, Trimble Business Center, KwikStar, TDS, Bentley Microstation, InRoads, ESRI ArcGIS
  • Hewlett-Packard Design Jet Color Plotters
Survey Equipment and Software